Death by Questioning

Disclaimer: I love talking to my kids. They are great conversationalists. I also enjoy listening to them talk to each other – they crack me up!

However… every once in awhile, I reach my limit of questions…

I call this Death by Questioning.

Do you remember the movie Airplane and the scene where the guy stories a woman to death? That’s me…


It starts out slowly but then suddenly becomes a storm of questions from all directions. Usually this occurs in the car when we are all trapped together in a small space with at least a 45 minute trip in front of us. We are pretty much 45 minutes from every where.

You may think that, considering we go somewhere everyday, a potential of 1.5 hours of driving time, that they would run out of things to ask. But let me assure you, they do not.

“Mommy how much does an ounce of platinum cost?”

“Mommy, when I turn 6, can I have (fill in the blank).”

“Mommy, when I’m 52, how old will Robert Downey Jr. be?”

“What other movies has the man who plays Mr. Freeze been in?”

Are you getting a grasp of the madness yet??

So I say it’s quiet time. Yeah, that works.


“I said no more talking.”

“I wasn’t going to talk I was just going to ask if we can watch a movie when we get home.”



“What?!! I said no talking!”

“I know but I just wanted to ask…”

No no nooooo more questions!!!

I’m telling you, it can drive a weaker person to their grave!


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