New Toys

Guess who got a new toy? Mommy!! Yes, parents get toys too. When my kids get new toys, I get to hear about its awesomeness continuously for the next few weeks (or until the thrill subsides). I mean right now my 8 year old is telling me that being a kid is great because you can play with your toys all day.

Sometimes, I must confess, it gets a little tiring hearing about their new and fabulous toys for the umpteenth time for days after Christmas or their birthday. However, I am in an unusual state of understanding today as I play with mine and completely neglect all other responsibilities.

For years I have settled for the cheapest phone that did the bare minimum that I require: calling and texting. Two years ago I got an iPad and was a zombie on it for days. But now I have an android phone and OH MY GOSH!! I am in love! My kids are asking me questions but I am oblivious. Lunch? Didn’t we do that yesterday? School? Eh, we will get to it eventually.

I have downloaded tons of cool apps. I am Swyping this whole post from the WordPress app on my phone!! Two days ago I had no clue what Swype meant. But now?? It’s like the future and I just now got here.

Now to find more cool things on my hand held piece of amazing…


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