Childhood Dilemmas

As carefree and simple as the lives of children may appear to be, it is not all marshmallows and rainbows.  They are actually complex little people struggling every second, and unlike adults, they voice these struggles every single second. 

Take my daughter, for example.  I love her dearly.  It’s just her and me in a house full of loud boys.  Thankfully, she can play with the boys but still want a pink room, painted nails, and a Rapunzel dress instead of a Spider-man costume.  However, lately we have not been getting along as well as I would like.  This truly breaks my heart and I plan on spending more one-on-one girly time with her from here on out.

Now when she gets caught doing something she has been told many times not to do, I might tell her what she did was naughty.  I never say “bad,” as I do not believe my children are bad.  Bad is for people who are bad on the inside, which most children are not.  Naughty is just making kid mistakes.

Today as we were loading into the car for one of the kids’ soccer practices, she said to me, “Mommy, you know what the hardest thing for me to do is?”

“What’s that?”  I asked, struggling to buckle everyone up.

“To be good when I’m being bad.  Because even though I want to be good when I’m being bad, it’s just so hard!”



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