When Toys Get Sick

For my daughter’s fifth birthday, she received about a dozen small, plastic squeaky animal toys that came with their own little barns and houses.  They really are quite cute.

This morning I was on the phone with one of my sisters who lives in a far away land.  Getting our timing right so that we can talk is tricky, so when we do catch each other, it’s a treat.  Needless to say, while on the phone with her catching up on all the latest, I was preoccupied.

I came into the downstairs bathroom to turn off a light, still on the phone, only to find my daughter standing on the bathroom counter, head almost to the ceiling, drying something off with a towel.

“What are you doing up there?!”  I asked, putting my sister on hold.

“I have to dry off my dog,” she said, referring to one of the aforementioned plastic toys.

“Why is your dog wet and why do you have to stand up on the counter to dry it?  Get down!”  I pulled her off the counter and set her on the floor.

“He fell in the toilet.”

“Okay… how was it that your dog fell into the toilet?”

“He was throwing up,” she replied, still as matter-of-factly as ever.


“He drank too much tea and got sick and was throwing up and then he fell into the toilet.  So… I’m drying him off.”   She then skipped out of the bathroom.

Here is the rest of the story, as I pieced it together:

I made them all some tea this morning.  Apparently, my daughter didn’t like her’s too much, so she let her dog “drink” it.  Squeezy toys can suck up water by squeezing them in the liquid and then releasing.  It was full of tea, also didn’t like it, and went to the toilet to “throw up.”

The adventures are always here, but finding out the story in bits and pieces is the real fun!


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