Breakfast in our house takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  On mornings where we don’t have to be out the door by a certain time (4 out of 7 days a week), it seems we are in the kitchen for hours.  It is something that drives me nuts!

This morning was one of those forever mornings.  Half of the kids were at the table still eating, the other half were jumping around.  With bowls and messes everywhere, jumping up and down and playing, it’s hard to tell who is finished and who is not.  The 3-year old was on his second course.  The 11-year old was on his tea course, and the 5-year old was jumping around with the 11-year old while I tried to sweep up under them.  Baby and the 8-year old were making noises from another room.

“Stop messing around in the kitchen and finish your food!”  I finally yelled to the 11 and 5-year old.  They had danced through my pile for the last time!  They ignored me.  “Hurry up and drink your tea and then get dressed,” I said to the 11-year old.  He ignored me.  “Finish your food!”  I yelled at the 5-year old.

Finally a response:  “I already did!”  She said, still playing around with her brother.

“Then why didn’t you take over your bowl?”  I asked.

She only thought for a second before responding:  “Because I’m holding a Blankie and she doesn’t like it when I put her down.”


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