Good Days

The rain and bad days fall on everyone. Sometimes, however, it can seem like these days pile up on each other and a good day is far behind and too far ahead. The daily struggles of raising children – fighting, arguing, yelling, tattling, 5 weeks of stomach viruses , the battle to do schoolwork, and then the inability to fit it all in when the days throw a curve ball – can be discouraging for even the strongest mom!

I find myself collapsing into bed many nights feeling like a crappy mom… or sitting at the table across from them all and wondering if I’m getting anything right.

But then there are the good days… the GREAT days! The days that really come more than the bad but get forgotten when I feel overwhelmed by the moment.

The other day I had ordered our second volume of Story of the World (our history curriculum). It came in the mail this weekend and my 11-year old got it and opened it. He began flipping through the chapters and reading a little here and there. “Look what we get to learn!” and “I can’t wait to read this… look!” followed by “I’m so excited we get to start this book soon!”

Great moment.

I was printing up some addition pages for my 5-year old. She watched me eagerly. When I had finished printing six worksheets front and back, I handed her one and she skipped off to the table. She came back, I kid you not, in about one minute. “Done!” she said. “Can I do more?”

Almost jokingly, I handed her the rest of the five pages (front and back, remember) and said, “Here, go knock yourself out!” She ran with them to the table. Every minute she brought me back a completed one.

Great moment.

Then I sat here to blog about these highlights. The 5-year old had finished the six math worksheets and was upstairs. Then the screaming began and the oldest came down to inform me that the 3-year old had punched the 5-year old in the face.



2 responses to “Good Days

  • The Peckish Kiwi

    Mothers who are really hard on themselves are usually the best ones. It’s ironic and sad to think that part of being a good mother is being so hard on yourself for not quite hitting the curve ball life throws at you into the stands. And it’s not even a curve ball all the time, sometimes it starts out that way, then you realise it’s switched to a basket ball and instead of hitting it with a bat you’re supposed to be hitting a three pointer.

    But you have to play it as best as you can and make the most of the wins. Posts like this are important reminders in that regard.

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