Precious Little One

Cliche to say, but it seems like yesterday

You were a newborn baby boy,

Youngest, newest little joy.


Number five, we waited for you to arrive,

Grandparents, uncles, aunts and more

With a brand new treasure to adore.


Precious little one, our hearts you won

Nine months before you made your debut,

And how much more we’ve grown to love you!


You looked at me, two weeks old and smiley,

Always content in everyone’s arms;

You are a baby who brings on the charms.


You took your time, and that was just fine,

Why be in a rush to reach silly milestones

When content and happy in your own loving home?


Precious little One, our hearts you won!

It is hard to accept and hard to realize

One whole year has skipped on by!


Happy birthday, little boy, happy birthday, sweet joy!

I will cherish and love you every day,

For mommies all know, time too quickly flies away.



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