The Dreams of Children

This morning I sat down with all five of my kiddos around me at the breakfast table.  I can now say that all five of them were sitting, as we recently purchased a high chair for the almost 1-year old.  YAY!  You’d think we would have a few of these by now, but it’s funny how things come and go…

The 8-year old smiled through bites of cereal and said, “I had a great dream last night.  I dreamed I was in Lego Heaven.”

The 3-year old piped up in his very loud voice, “I dreamed about monster trucks!”  He added on a growl at the end.

I looked at my 11-year old who was busy shoveling cereal in his mouth as fast as he could.

“What did you dream about?”  I asked him.  “Beetles?  Ragdoll cats?  Anglerfish?”  He didn’t look up, he just shook his head and smiled a little.  “Oh… you dreamed about me, right?  You dreamed about your awesome mom?”

“No… I didn’t dream anything,” he replied quietly, still shoveling food.  I guess pre-teens don’t dream anymore.  Oh well.

The 5-year old, sitting sweetly next to me said, “I had a dream about pink and purple sparkly rainbows and ponies and butterflies!”

“Awww… I’m sure you did!”  Thank Heaven for little girls!




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