Monthly Archives: February 2013

There’s a Problem at the Museum….

My 3-year old woke up and came downstairs into my bedroom.  We went through the standard litany of questions:

“Good morning!  Did you pee in your bed?”


“Did you poop in your bed?”


“YAY!” I exclaimed, clapping my hands.  He jumped up and down and smiled.  Just FYI, if he would have answered “yes” to any of the above, he still would have been smiling and jumping.

Like most mornings, this child was on a mission.

“Can I have some gum?”  he asked.

“I don’t have any more.”  He gave me a sad face.  “But we’re going to the museum today.  Won’t that be fun?”

“No, I want to go to the store and get some gum.”

“You don’t want to go to the museum and see the big dinosaurs?”  I asked.

“No… they are all broken,” he said quietly.

HAHA!  I guess he has a point there!  Now I know why last time he was unimpressed by the monster size skeletons… they are just broken dinosaurs!

The Dreams of Children

This morning I sat down with all five of my kiddos around me at the breakfast table.  I can now say that all five of them were sitting, as we recently purchased a high chair for the almost 1-year old.  YAY!  You’d think we would have a few of these by now, but it’s funny how things come and go…

The 8-year old smiled through bites of cereal and said, “I had a great dream last night.  I dreamed I was in Lego Heaven.”

The 3-year old piped up in his very loud voice, “I dreamed about monster trucks!”  He added on a growl at the end.

I looked at my 11-year old who was busy shoveling cereal in his mouth as fast as he could.

“What did you dream about?”  I asked him.  “Beetles?  Ragdoll cats?  Anglerfish?”  He didn’t look up, he just shook his head and smiled a little.  “Oh… you dreamed about me, right?  You dreamed about your awesome mom?”

“No… I didn’t dream anything,” he replied quietly, still shoveling food.  I guess pre-teens don’t dream anymore.  Oh well.

The 5-year old, sitting sweetly next to me said, “I had a dream about pink and purple sparkly rainbows and ponies and butterflies!”

“Awww… I’m sure you did!”  Thank Heaven for little girls!



When Kids Get Annoying

Obviously, this never happens.  But, just in case you find yourself annoyed by a child who asks questions ALL SATURDAY LONG, there is an end in sight!

In my house, a Saturday is no different than any other day.  The kids all get up early.  They are all home with me (we homeschool because I like the torture), they seem to think that I forget DAILY that they require breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, etc., and ask me for things incessantly.  I am a non-stop tornado, blowing through the house cleaning, prepping, feeding, nursing, baby-changing, and hander of this that and the other.

My 8-year old ate through three bags of apples in ONE WEEK.  I love it that they eat healthy.  However, there are 7 of us in the house, and simply not enough room or money to feed them all three bags of apples every week just for snacks.  So I told him we were limiting snacking time to twice a day.  Between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.

As soon as breakfast was over, and I do mean the very moment he finished the meal he had requested the night before and took over his plate, “May I have an apple now?”  Big grin.

“No… I said for snack time.”

“You said between breakfast and lunch.”

“Yes… but you just ate breakfast, so technically this apple would be breakfast!”

He didn’t wait long before he asked again.  Then again… and again.  I swear I don’t starve this child.  I think he just has a secret plot to give me high blood pressure.

Finally it was 10:30 and I allowed him his apple.  Immediately after, he wanted lunch.

Lunch happened.  Then a banana request.  I told him to go ride his scooter.  This got the main noise-makers out the house while I put babies down for naps.

But as soon as he was back he was asking again.

3:00 rolled around and I said he could have his apple.  He ate two and then asked for a banana.  I said no.  Then he asked for seaweed (yes, we’re weird) and I growled at him.  He grinned real big and said, “but it’s not fruit!”

“FINE!  Have some seaweed!”

Do you see where this can start to get a little annoying after awhile???  Or am I just mean?

I put some gluten free bread in the oven and the smell began to fill the house.  He asked for something else to eat.  I said no, just out of habit now, I am sure.

“But,”  I said with a smile, “you can have a slice of the bread when it’s done baking.”

“Is it ready yet?”  AHHH!!!  I went into my room and began plucking my eyebrows… the only thing to do when my nerves are raw.

But… he followed me in.  “Mommy….”

“STOP!  Are you going to ask about food?”  He shook his head.  “Are you going to ask about dinner?”  He shook his head.  “Are you going to ask me for anything??”  He shook his head.  “Okay,” I sighed with relief.  “Proceed.”

“Mommy, can I make peanut butter cookies??”

“AHHH!!!  You said it wasn’t about food!”  Then I thought for just a moment.  “On second thought.  That is an EXCELLENT idea.  You go make cookies.  That ought to keep you busy for some time.”

I took him in the kitchen and gave him some quinoa flour and gluten free flour (weird… yes, I know), and all the other things he deemed necessary for his, ahem, recipe, and set him loose at the table.

He mixed and poured and dumped and then gave samples to his siblings and me for approval.  It didn’t taste too horrible, so he rolled them into balls.

He is as happy as a little bee in a flower garden!  He hasn’t asked me a question in at least 10 minutes, so I am also as happy as a little bee 🙂  He even knocked over a big bottle of vanilla,  but I’m okay with that because they didn’t ask me to clean, but took care of it themselves!