My Personal Book Review

My entourage of children and I visit our local library on a regular basis.  We spend our time in the very nice, spacious children’s and juvenile’s section, where I believe we have checked out most of the books already.

During last week’s trip, my 11-year old decided he wanted books about ghost towns.  The kind attendant wrote some numbers down for him and told him he would have to go upstairs to the adult section.  This was VERY exciting for him, as he had never been there before!  So we all trekked up the stairs to the exciting new world of smaller print and picture-less pages.  We found our ghost town books and proceeded to make our way back out.  Before we made it downstairs, I noticed a little display.  There were some books about homemaking, organization and the like.  One caught my eye, so I picked it up.  It was next to the “Have a New Husband by Friday” book, which I was VERY tempted to also get, but I didn’t want hubby getting worried.  As a side note, I highly recommend the author’s other book, “Have a New Kid by Friday.”

We checked out and went back home.

Two days later we found a few books that had not made it back to the library from before and were now past due.  So I collected them, along with my personal selection, and went by the library to return them.

My 11-year old picked up the book I was returning and read the cover: “Organize Your Day…” He flipped it over in his hands a few times before asking, “What is this book about?”

“Oh, it’s about time management skills.  How to organize your day better so you have more time.”

“Why are you taking it back already?  Did you finish reading it?”

“No… I just don’t want it.”

“Why?” he pressed.

“I don’t have time to read it,” I sighed.  I mean, what was I thinking?  If I can’t manage my time, how am I going to find enough unmanaged time to read a big book about it?  Just in the first few pages it wanted me to make check-lists and take notes and time this and that, and all kinds of nonsense!  I dropped it in the return box convinced that such books are either

a) given as gifts by bosses to their assistants, or

b) written for people who already possess these types of talents and use the books as coffee table literature to impress (or intimidate) the rest of us.


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