To Be a Kid Again…

For many reasons, wouldn’t this be nice?  But let’s just pick one reason for the sake of time (I only get so much of it at the computer with 5 kiddos running around).


Yep, money.

My 8-year old received a crisp one dollar bill from Grandpa as Grandpa and Grandma were saying their goodbyes after Thanksgiving weekend.  The 8-year old was ecstatic.  He immediately thought  of dozens of ways to spend it.  Unfortunately, being the evil Grinch that I am, I had to shut down every shiny toy idea in his racing mind.  I had to remind him he had only ONE dollar.

Later that day, I needed to blow dry my hair, so I gave him and the 4-year old a whole quarter each for keeping baby happy in his little playroom.  With money and toys on their minds, they were more than willing to help out.

Today, the 8-year old asked, “If I have four quarters, I have a dollar, right?”


“And if I had four more quarters, I would have two dollars?” He was smiling big now.

“That’s right,” I said.

“And if I had four more quarters again, that would be three dollars??”  I nodded.  “And if I put that with my dollar bill from Grandpa, that’s four dollars?”


He could barely contain his excitement.  His smile stretched from ear to ear, and anyone who knows my 8-year old knows he really can smile that big.

He ran upstairs and came back down with 12 quarters and his crisp dollar bill.  He was rich!!  He went on and on about how much money he had and how he would buy something for himself first and then his sister, and then everyone else when he had some left over.  I sighed.  I didn’t pull a Grinch move this time.  I am letting him relish in the idea that at this moment in his life, he really is rich.

Soon enough he will realize that $4 in the bank account means “OH **** I AM BROKE!”

Yes, to be a kid again!!

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