The Puppet Show

Yesterday I sent my 8-year old fishing below his bunk bed for all the toys, shoes, etc. that had become imprisoned under there.  Among the lost items were 6 animal puppets.  Today he decided to put on a puppet show.

He wanted to do it from the balcony with me watching from the couch.  However, I have recurring nightmares that one of my kids will fall from the balcony, so I forbade the show from taking place up there.  I offered the couch across the room as an alternative.  He was not happy.  I tried to explain my nightmare to him in hopes that he would understand.  In response, he offered the following:

“That’s not a nightmare.  I had a nightmare that the 3-year old turned into a monster and ate us all.”  Okay, fine.  That is a nightmare, too.

After some time, he finally decided to accept the couch as the show’s venue, and he got his sister to join in on the act.

Now, I am not sure what the puppet show was supposed to be about.  However, all the animals knew kung fu and all of them ended up eating each other.



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