Superheros have Birthdays too

Tomorrow the superhero of the house will go from 7 to 8.

Just like that, another age gone by…

Another childhood year to say farewell to, a new one to embrace.

Where do these years go?

They go in photo albums, countless drawings and homemade books;

They go on walls and refrigerator doors;

They run down our cheeks on sad days, and spread across our faces in smiles on all the good days.

To my soon-to-be-8-year-old son (and all his alter-egos): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One response to “Superheros have Birthdays too

  • Sandra Brewer

    I just noticed this comment block! I love reading all of your blogs. They bring joy to my heart and make me laugh. Some make me cry they are so sweet like this one and the one before it about family.

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