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The Puppet Show

Yesterday I sent my 8-year old fishing below his bunk bed for all the toys, shoes, etc. that had become imprisoned under there.  Among the lost items were 6 animal puppets.  Today he decided to put on a puppet show.

He wanted to do it from the balcony with me watching from the couch.  However, I have recurring nightmares that one of my kids will fall from the balcony, so I forbade the show from taking place up there.  I offered the couch across the room as an alternative.  He was not happy.  I tried to explain my nightmare to him in hopes that he would understand.  In response, he offered the following:

“That’s not a nightmare.  I had a nightmare that the 3-year old turned into a monster and ate us all.”  Okay, fine.  That is a nightmare, too.

After some time, he finally decided to accept the couch as the show’s venue, and he got his sister to join in on the act.

Now, I am not sure what the puppet show was supposed to be about.  However, all the animals knew kung fu and all of them ended up eating each other.


Superheros have Birthdays too

Tomorrow the superhero of the house will go from 7 to 8.

Just like that, another age gone by…

Another childhood year to say farewell to, a new one to embrace.

Where do these years go?

They go in photo albums, countless drawings and homemade books;

They go on walls and refrigerator doors;

They run down our cheeks on sad days, and spread across our faces in smiles on all the good days.

To my soon-to-be-8-year-old son (and all his alter-egos): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Precious Moments

I have neglected my blog for the past few weeks in exchange for precious quality time with my family.  And while the weeks did yield some very good and typical kid story topics, which I will definitely be putting here soon, I want to focus today on my gratitude for family.

As the oldest of five girls, I have watched the others grow up and mature into beautiful women.  Each are talented and unique.  All of them have gone to college and graduated, three of them have gotten married, two of us have started families of our own.

Growing up, there were many things I never thought would happen, some good, some bad.  I never imagined that one of my sisters would marry and move across the pond, while another would marry and move even farther – to Australia!  And it definitely seemed that the years during which we lived together under one roof would never end!  But somehow, during the blinking of an eye, we have grown and moved out, one by one.

The struggles that we have had as individuals have affected our family as a whole.  And we have overcome these struggles as a family and have been strengthened by them.  We have shared each other’s joys and successes, as well as each other’s heartaches and sorrows.  When one of us has a problem or an issue, it hurts all of us.  We are amazingly close, even when fighting, and I pray this never changes!

The past two weeks I have been able to spend time with three of my sisters, and in a few weeks, I hope to be with all four of them.  It has been beautiful watching as our own children play together and form lifelong bonds.  Time is short and life is so very, very precious.  As children, we don’t realize how fleeting this world is… we simply take each moment as it comes.  As adults, we take for granted our time, yet ironically, always find ourselves wishing we had more of it.   But sometimes we do get to slow down a few paces and just be thankful for what we have.  Often I feel as though the years are quickly slipping through my fingers like running water, and it brings a great sadness to my heart.  I want to capture each moment and bottle it up so that I may revisit it over and over again, as my heart desires.  Instead, I am learning simply to be grateful for every day I am given… Every moment I can spend with one of these amazing women… every phone call or visit with my mom or dad… every picture we snap of each other… is a GIFT.  And I am very, very thankful and my heart is happy!

You Better Get Insurance on that Kid

The other day a man came to view the hail damage done to our car.  Apparently, there have been so many claims in this part of the county, this poor guy was sent down from Pittsburgh to help with all the claims.

I pulled my car out of the garage so that he could begin his inspection.  As he climbed all over it, taking pictures every few seconds, my kids danced around watching him.  They are not shy.  In fact, the 4 and 7-year old love to entertain adults with a dozen or more questions.  They always start with those closest to home:

“Do you have any kids?”  asked the 7-year old.

“I have a one month old at home.”

“We have a baby, too.  My mom has five kids.  I want a lot of kids, too.”  The man looked up from his note-taking and said,

“Well, you don’t need to think about it now.”

I said, “Oh but he does!”  The man just stared at me.  He was wearing sunglasses so he looked completely expressionless.  But he just kept staring.  Did he think I meant my 7-year old was thinking about making babies?!  I mean, what was this guy’s problem?  So finally when I was worried that he was frozen I said, “Not now, obviously.  But he knows he wants to be a family man, and what’s wrong with that?”

The man said, “Well, you need to go to college and have fun first.  Then you can think about that.”  I turned to my 7-year old and smiled and said, “You don’t need to listen to that.”  I hope the man heard me.  I was unappreciative of his unsolicited advise.

When the claims man was all finished up, he handed me several sheets of paper on which he had printed out every single hail dent he could find.  As he was explaining how much the damages were worth and my options, he stopped in mid-sentence and started staring at the outside of the house.  I looked up from the paper and to the man, worried he might be having a seizure.  Then he just pointed… still staring… The 7-year old was climbing the bricks of our house.  O – M – G

I waved it off.  “Yeah, he thinks he is Spiderman.”

The man, still staring, said, “It looks very dangerous.” He probably wanted to ask if we have life insurance for the kids through the company, in which case he would have had us dropped immediately.

I looked at him and said, “You have a one month old.  Is it a boy or a girl?”  He said it was a boy.  I said, “I have four boys.  You are in a world of trouble if you think that is dangerous!”