The Black Widow… Part Two

I have blogged before about my extreme loathing of spiders, big and small, and I still stand by this feeling.


I have a confession to make…

This morning my 11-year old was standing over my shoulder while I aimlessly surfed the internet.  After a few moments he announced, “Well, off to go on a black widow hunt!”  And I was secretly excited.  Why?  Because I knew he would find one.  And it would probably be huge and disgustingly terrifying and hopefully still alive!

Maybe there is something perverse about me… maybe that’s another thing I need to get off my back.  But I waited inside rather anxiously until he called me out to see it.  It took him less than 10 minutes to find another Texas-sized black widow.  As a side note, I should really start taking pictures of these things.  They are impressive!

But my secret, perverse excitement did not last too long… she was already dying.  Pest control had beat us to it.  How could they steal my joy?!  They were only supposed to spray the nests of flying things!  You know, the bugs that aren’t near as deadly but are equally wicked because of their dive-bombing capabilities?

But wait!!!!  He is calling me back!  Another black widow has been spotted.  I am only half excited this time, because he says it is tiny.  They are no fun when they are smaller than the size of my grown-out thumb nail.  Oh well… maybe it will still be alive so we can kill it.  Hehehehehehe.

So we went out and studied the smaller widow together.  He told me that I am not allowed to kill it because he wants to keep it.  I  firmly reminded him that spiders may not be kept as pets.  But what does he tell me?  He doesn’t want to keep it… he wants to transport it in our car all the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!!!  I bet they will LOVE that!


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