Cleaning on a Budget

I may be the only one who wastes enough time to see and read articles such as this, but apparently, a new kind of vacuum cleaner has just been manufactured for those of us on a serious budget.

Read the article here:

Okay, the part where I said it is budget friendly is, well, a huge, fat lie.  One to laugh at, cry at, wherever your emotional response takes you. Just in case you cannot or do not open the link, this is for a one million dollar, 24k gold vacuum cleaner. Yes, you read that right and no, it is not beautiul like one might imagine a gold vacuum should be.

So I’m thinking the same thing as the writer of the story: would it really make cleaning more fun?  But as a mom who struggles to get her kids to clean up their fair shares, would it make them more interested in cleaning?  Do they even know what a gold vacuum cleaner is?  No… not possible.  They don’t know what a million dollars is.  Thirteen bucks to the 11-year old makes him feel rich.

And then there is the issue of the wall banging (which I still believe is an act of deliberate defiance).  Would the 7-year old still bang walls with a real gold vacuum?  And does this gold plating chip off?  Because then we would have the issue of 14k gold flecks in our walls and the carpet (which, of course, would just get vacuumed up the next time he cleaned).  I wonder if this is something we could later have appraised… yes, Mr. Realtor… there is signficant lower wall damage… BUT, we have filled these cracks with GOLD!!!

Just some thoughts as I save up one million to buy one of those.  I was definitely not thinking of the long-term investment potential when I purchased the $30 battery operated one a year ago.


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