Bunny Catching 101

Together, a 10-year old, 7-year old and 4-year old can come up with some great ideas when boredom strikes and their little brothers are napping and Mommy is doing yard work (i.e. not paying attention).

Lately, they have been very excited about all the bunnies they have seen.  They have taken notice of their favorite spots, and even staked them out.  But today was the day they were going to actually catch a bunny.   Here is their fool-proof master plan on how to catch a little rabbit.

Step One: Make sure Mommy is busy and occupied and not paying attention.

Step Two: Find the cat carrier by climbing up tall heights on wobbly stools, sifting through tools and other dangerous objects that are supposed to be hidden and out of reach.

Step Three: Find the cat.

* Now here is what I pieced together from their messy evidence scene: Since capturing the bunny themselves was impossible, they had devised a plan to get our cat to chase the bunny for them.  One would set the cat loose where the bunny had been spotted, one would hold open the pet carrier with firm instructions to only let the bunny be closed inside, not the bunny and cat together.  That could get messy.  The other child would chase the cat in the direction of the cat carrier while the cat chased the bunny (hopefully, also in the direction of the carrier).

** That plan was shut down by Mean Mom because getting the cat meant going in my bedroom, and that was not allowed while baby was sleeping.

Step Four: 7-year old asked me if he could get his bee-bee gun.

“What?!  You want to shoot the bunny???!!  NO!!”

“But Mom, it won’t hurt the bunny.  Please?”

* Now here is what I pieced together from that plan.  They would just wound the bunny so that he couldn’t get away from them as easily.  Then they could catch him and SUCCESS!

**  That plan was also shut down by Mean Mom.  I continued mowing the lawn…

After a little while, I didn’t see the kids or hear them, so I became worried and thought I should check on them and make sure no other resourceful plans had been devised.  I went inside to the cool air conditioning…

* Tip for other moms:  Don’t check on your kids if they are inside when it’s 100 degrees outside and you’ve been doing manual labor for an hour.  You won’t want to go back out.  You will rationalize this by, “Hey, the yard is at least half mowed… better half than none at all!”


2 responses to “Bunny Catching 101

  • Jason

    Very resourceful kids – you’re helping them hone their analytical and problem-solving skills. Good for you – so, encourage the rabbit hunt next time instead of stopping them.

  • Laur

    Last year we did find a next of bunnies that were only a few days old. We tried a rescue attempt because as soon as our cat smelled their presence in the yard, it was all we could do to keep him from dashing out between our legs and eating them up. Our rescue mission failed, however, and we sadly buried each bunny, one by one, as it died. Very sad. We bought them bunny bottles and bunny milk 😦

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