The Origins of Toilet Paper

In my house, the little three wake me up first.  They have a knack for doing this just before my alarm is going to go off.  I will admit, I’m not usually in the most talkative and delightful mood when this happens.  I wish I was, but that’s become wasted energy.

So one bright morning, I dragged myself up the stairs to where the 2 year old maniac was and got him out of bed.  He had one of those disastrous poops that required lots of cleaning, a bath, and more work then I wanted for a first-thing-in-the-morning-job.  As I finished bathing him, in came the 7 year old.

There was no good morning.  He had something on his mind and got straight to the point.

“Mommy, when there were castles, did people have toilet paper?”

WHAT?  Did he dream about this question all night?

“Um, no.  I don’t think so.”

“Well,” he continued with the next logical question, “what did they wipe with?”

“I don’t know… maybe they didn’t wipe.  People weren’t that sanitary…”

“Why didn’t they use their bath towels to wipe?”  Oh my gosh… I hope he has never done this when he ran out of toilet paper!!

“I don’t think they had bath towels just lying around.  They didn’t take baths as much as we do now.”

“Well, they had to use something!  Did they use their hands?  Yeah, that’s probably what they did.  They used their hands.  Gross.”

I’m glad he could answer his own question.  I try to teach problem solving and I’m happy to know it’s working.


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