What the heck is that?! For me, all the letters run together. It’s more like TGI10 (thank God it’s 10pm, for those who didn’t catch it), because hopefully that’s when the kids are in bed ASLEEP. That last word is very important, because until that happens, they are still upstairs thinking of things they need and reasons to not sleep. And there ain’t no TGI anything until that has ceased for the day!

But today is Friday, and most everyone, kids included, are celebrating. For a lot of kiddos, today is also the last day of school, so that is a major TGIF in their worlds! However, for my home schooled kids, it’s just another Friday (Yes, I home school year round for their torture and my own. We are masochists around here.).

Every once in awhile, the hubby is not required to work until midnight and will come home before I am in bed. He usually finds me staring at the computer screen, brain fried, just trying to do something, ANYTHING to prove to myself that I can function outside the realm of “MOM.”  I can’t.  It’s hopeless.

Tonight was one of those nights. Yay!

Shortly after coming home, he realized he needed to make a cigarette run and asked if I wanted something.  He can only do this when five kids are sleeping, otherwise four of them will decide they want something, and then no one gets anything.

I said bananas and diapers (what else?!).  But he told me he was only going to the gas station.  In that case, a Snickers bar, please!!  I LOVE Snickers bars!  I refuse to buy anything like that for myself, however.  It’s how I trick myself into thinking I have self control.

So I waited… I swear I could taste it in my mouth.  I had just bought raw milk and I thought about how yummy each bite, washed down with fresh, creamy milk would taste.  He returned.  YAY!  He was coming to the bedroom which meant he bought one.  YAY YAY YAY!  He handed it to me and I perked right up, not wasting a single moment to tear into that chocolately bar of happiness… I went to open it and… It was already opened?  What?  Did he open it?  No!  He said he hadn’t!!  We both looked at it and wondered, who would do such an evil thing?!?!

We walked into the kitchen to examine the packaging.  Yes, it really was already opened!  He was sad.  I was more sad.  He offered to go back to the store and buy me another one.  Sweet man… he does have his moments.  But of course, I couldn’t let him do that.  So I tried to tell myself that my still pregnancy-recovering behind didn’t need it anyway.

He walked to the computer room.  I slumped back to the bedroom…

TGIBT. Thank God it’s bed time.


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